Cheese box "to impress"
Cheese box "to impress"

Cheese box "to impress"

ca. 1,1 kg Käse
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The cheese box is closed and only for in-store collection. A shipping option is in the works.

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With the "to impress" cheese platter, you understand what cheese and cheese craftsmanship can do: Absolutely impress!

Whoever serves these cheeses will see and hear many "wows" and "mhmmms" with surprised and thoughtful expressions on their faces.

This cheese box is for those who want to take a journey into new and complex worlds of cheese flavours.

New. Different. Delicious.
Perfect for a special occasion and discerning guests.


This cheese box is vegetarian.


In this cheese box you have

  • Cironé matured in three cellars - full, nutty, dark caramel, chocolate, rice pudding, roasted flavours, creamy despite a firm paste.

  • Spahn mixed with ricotta - Airy and crumbly, with fruity acidity. Notes of bread and yeast, as well as a hint of white chocolate. Try with honey. Yum!

  • the filigree, very elaborate Capriflocon - Delicately flowing on the tongue. Reminiscent of fresh milk and butter with a nutty finish. Jumi says: "Best forgotten for two days in the warmth and spooned out."

  • a regional soft cheese from Brandenburg that can usually only be found in France - Mulberry - Fresh, milky, curd-like. Mild and full-flavoured thanks to the rich Jersey milk.

  • Birba Blu blue cheese dipped in beer - aromas of butter, yeast, light beer, malty-sweet, pear, slightly blue mouldy. Be sure to try it with fig or orange marmalade.

A total of approx. 1.1kg of cheese

In the cheese box you will find cheese cards about the flavour and origin. 

Everything in a very cute and beautiful box with logo (all made from sustainable packaging material) cut and packed by us in the shop.


The cheese box is closed and only for collection in the shop. (Shipping option is in the works :)


Collection possible from the 1st full working day in the shop. Please specify the pick-up date and approx. time in the payment process under "Notes for the seller".

Collection at the shop (Invalidenstraße 155, 10115 Berlin) within our opening hours (Tue-Fri 10-19h, Sat 10-18h).

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