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Prosciutto & Jamón


Discover the kings of ham! Our selection comes from producers who put their heart and soul into combining delicious products with sustainable farming and animal husbandry practices. We taste every ham ourselves - only the absolute flavour hits that elicit an enthusiastic "wow" from us make it to our counter.

Prosciutto from Italy

Here you will find prosciutto highlights: the classic Prosciutto di Parma, seasonal specialities such as San Daniele and the impressive Prosciutto di Nero from the black pig.

Our absolute insider tip? The Prosciutto di Norcia from Umbria - a real flavour experience from Umbrian pigs raised in free pastures and forests. We are also super proud of having the incredible Cappocollo di Nero, delicious pancetta and guanciale, the classic bacon for carbonara.

Iberico schinken in Berlin

Jamón from Spain

We have the classic Jamón Ibérico de Campo and Paleta Ibérica de Campo. Here the pigs are kept completely free-range on meadows with tall grass.

For the Jamón de Bellota, the Iberian pigs are kept on pastures where holm oaks and Portuguese oaks grow, whose acorns they can eat in abundance. This is why Jamón Ibérico de Bellota has a particularly oily, nutty fat.

Basque beef ham

Txogitxu is a unique cured basque ham made from dairy cows that are between eight and twenty years old. This tradition of processing steaks and ham from older animals is firmly rooted in the Basque Country.

Txogitxu is characterised by an exceptional flavour profile: strong and earthy, with a hint of fresh grass, slight acidity and hints of clove and cinnamon - a taste experience that is unlike anything you are used to from ham.


Ham, Speck & Schinken from Austria & Germany

Every time we taste the Tyrolean air-dried ham from Juffinger, we are once again impressed by its sensational flavour. It has a subtle smoky flavour, a pleasant sweetness, a creamy melting fat.

The cooked ham from Gut Kerkow is, in our opinion, one of the best in Berlin. It is wonderfully juicy, tender, slightly salty and you can taste a slight hint of pine wood from the short smoking process.

Pastrami? Of course, we have that it! Smoked and cured by Kleinhenz from the Bavarian Röhn.

What our customers say...


Jamón, cold cuts and cheese. It sounds really simple, and it's really, really good.

Shopping here is fun: the staff are super friendly and take their time. You are allowed to try things. I was even allowed to try the high-priced Bellota jamón without any problems before I bought it, and I was absolutely convinced.

Christian J.
Google review

A great shop with sensational salami and great ham, which is also sliced wafer-thin. The cheese counter is in no way inferior. Very friendly staff. For me, one of the best gourmet shops in Berlin!

Tobias R.
Google review

Very good and exquisite selection of charcuterie & cheese. The Txogitxu beef ham in particular is an insider tip for me, I've never seen it anywhere else. I only knew it as a steak so far. Highly recommended!

Google review

This lovely little shop not only has fantastic products but also great sales assistants who really know their stuff and take the time to advise you. I felt extremely comfortable and will certainly be shopping here again soon.

Aline R.
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The air-dried ham is so delicious!

Johanna M.
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Tuesday to Friday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays.

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