Cooked, smoked, air-dried

Cold cuts


Cold cut specialities from Germany & Austria

Traditional artisan products such as coarse liverwurst, veal liverwurst, meat sausage, meat loaf, blood sausage, Vienna sausages and beef salami from the Bavarian Röhn region. Carsten Neumeier's Ahle Wurscht and his air-dried blood sausage and liver sausage are particularly special from Hessen.

We have a large selection of meat snacks "crackers", such as Bauernwurst, Wildknacker, Landjäger, Rinderlandjäger, Lammwurzen, Chiliwurzen, Pfefferbeißer and Berliner Knacker.

Italian cured meat specialities

Italy straight onto your bread. With our selection: Mortadella, porchetta, a roast pork with wild fennel. Then there's Nduja, this fiery spreadable sausage. And for the salami fan: Milano, piccante, truffle and fennel, sliced wafer-thin. But that's not all - Chianina beef salami, Sopressata, Bresaola and Capocollo. Coppiette - a dried meat speciality from the area around Rome and Castelli Romani - and the absolute highlight: truffle cooked ham with whole truffles.

Spanische Chorizo Berlin

Spanish cured meat specialities

A culinary must: the fantastic Chorizo, Morcón and Morcilla from the Iberian pig. Curro and his family in Jabugo, Andalusia, keep their Iberian pigs on extensive pastures with numerous holm oaks. Of course, we also have Jamón de Iberico and Serrano Gran Reserva (see here).

Catering for companies, cheese and cold cut subscriptions for hotels and cafés

Do you want a special selection of cheese, cold cuts and prosciutto for your guests or employees? We provide you with a unique selection of products - always with something new. The story behind the products on top. Take a look at our services for companies and B2B partners.

Charcuterie specialities as a gift

Good food makes you happy. Thanks to our vouchers, happiness can also be given as a gift. For birthdays, anniversaries, as a thank you or just because.

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Good food makes you happy. And thanks to our vouchers, happiness can also be given as a gift. For birthdays, anniversaries, as a thank you or just because.

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